29 PowerPoint Presentation on Iridology & Wellness Cd-Rom

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Bundled set that comes with 30 Iridology PowerPoint Presentations by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen


30 PowerPoint Presentation on Iridology & Wellness Cd-Rom, Library of 30 comprehensive PowerPoint presentations on the fascinating subject of iridology and Wellness by Ellen Tart Jensen. These presentations delve into the art and science of analyzing the iris’ patterns, colors, and textures to gain insights into an individual’s overall health and well-being. It covers the history and principles of iridology, explaining how various zones of the iris are believed to correspond to different organs and systems in the body. These presentations also explore its benefits as a diagnostic tool.¬† Also, some of the presentations provide a wellness aspect to return the body to a wellness state and avoid weakness in one’s constitution. With visually engaging slides and informative content, this presentation is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in holistic health or alternative healing modalities. Whether you’re a practitioner looking to enhance your knowledge or a curious individual seeking to learn more, these PowerPoint presentation offers a unique and informative perspective on the world of iridology.

This unique bundled set comes with the following:

  1. Analysis Of The Brown Eye Commentary ~ By Dr. Bernard Jensen and Updated By Dr. Ellen Jensen
  2. Atypical Ocular Signs That an Iridologist Should Know
  3. Balancing Body Chemistry
  4. Balancing Body Systems Through Iridology & Nutrition Booklet and CD-ROM PPP
  5. Collarette Signs
  6. Contraction Furrows Sclera Signs Syndromes
  7. History of Iridology: A Powerful Tool in Naturopathy
  8. History Of Iridology: Roots & Current Applications
  9. How Iridology Became My Life Journey and Work
  10. In-Depth Iridology Case Studies & Therapies For Adults
  11. Iridology and Natural Health For Children
  12. Iridology Flash Cards ~ By Dr. Bernard Jensen and Updated By Dr. Ellen Jensen
  13. Iridology For Chiropractors
  14. Iridology, Nutrition and Cleansing
  15. Iris Constitutions
  16. Iris Constitutions & Remedial Therapies
  17. Iris Pigments
  18. Iris Signs
  19. Lacuna Types
  20. Pre-Cancerous Signs In The Iris
  21. Pupil Tonus
  22. Restoring Liver and Gallbladder Function Through Iridology & Nutrition
  23. The Adrenal Gland and The Cortisol Connection
  24. The Environment, Nutrition & Immunity
  25. Understanding The Collarette
  26. Using Iridology To Balance Body Chemistry
  27. Using Iridology To Determine Both Physical & Emotional Characteristics
  28. Using Nutritional Therapies To Balance Body Systems- Booklet and CD-ROM PPP
  29. Whole Body Cleansing Program Through Bowel Management

For PowerPoint users, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive and open your PowerPoint Program. From the file menu, choose open, select your CD-ROM drive, and click on the Flash card.ppt file, then click open.

Once the 30 PowerPoint Presentation on Iridology & Wellness Cd-Rom is open, you have a few options. You may review the presentation using the slide sorter or the show view. You can access both of these via the menu option within PowerPoint.

For non-PowerPoint users, insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive, find your CD-ROM drive via Windows Explorer, and follow the directions below.

  1. Double-click the Ppview97.exe program file on your CD-ROM drive to start the setup program.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

Once the setup program has been completed, find Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer in your Programs menu and click on it. Find your CD-ROM drive in the look-box and click Flash card.ppt file, then click open.


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