Adrenal Gland & The Cortisol Connection CD-ROM PPP



Adrenal Gland & The Cortisol Connection CD-ROM PPP: A Roadmap In The Iris

Power Point CD-ROM, 114 Frames
By: Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc., CCII

Most iridologists know where to find the reaction field of the adrenal gland in the iris of the eye. What they may not be aware of are the many different iris signs that point to tendencies in adrenal gland disturbances. In this C.D., examples of many irises are shown with arrows pointing to signs related to the adrenal gland and potential cortisol imbalance. Case studies of clients who had imbalances with the adrenal glands are presented and the various symptoms and health concerns that were related. Excellent protocols are given that helped to restore cortisol levels and thus restore their health.

New & Updated information to this CD-ROM added in 2016

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