Testimonials from Ellen Jensen’s clients shed light on her expertise as a clinical nutritionist utilizing iridology and as an iridology teacher. Her impact is evident through transformative experiences shared by her students and clients alike.

As an iridology teacher, Ellen Jensen’s instruction is hailed for its alignment with holistic practices. A seasoned Naturopathic Physician attests to the seamless integration of iridology into their practice, facilitated by Ellen’s comprehensive teaching. The noninvasive nature of iridology combined with Ellen’s pedagogical approach empowers patients to witness their health journey, fostering inspiration for positive change. Moreover, her emphasis on relaxation techniques underscores a holistic approach to wellness, resonating with students who continue to implement her teachings, ultimately altering their practice paradigms.

Students also acknowledge Ellen’s pedigree and legacy within the field, having studied under Dr. Bernard Jensen, a pioneer in American Iridology. Her expertise as his chosen protege is reflected in her unrivaled knowledge and decades-long dedication to teaching iridology. Such endorsements solidify her status as a foremost authority, attracting seasoned practitioners eager to glean from her wealth of wisdom.

As an iridologist, Ellen Jensen’s compassionate and insightful approach earns praise from clients who’ve benefited from her guidance. Clients describe her as a beacon of wisdom and support, guiding them toward holistic health transformations. Her ability to see greatness in everyone and impart wisdom transcends mere consultation, fostering profound personal growth and gratitude.

Furthermore, Ellen’s responsiveness to acute health issues underscores her commitment to client well-being. She offers immediate solutions where conventional avenues fall short, reflecting her expertise and genuine care for those she serves.
In essence, Ellen Jensen’s testimonials profoundly impact her students and clients, affirming her status as a revered figure in the realms of iridology and holistic health.


I took Dr Ellen’s first and second level of iridology in October 2021 for 5 days in California. I am a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Montana and have been a doctor for 43 years. The science she taught fits my practice perfectly. I happily bought the camera to take photos at my office and I am just starting to implement it.

I like the science of iridology since it is noninvasive and very accurate. I find it a plus that the patients can see what I see and get inspired to make the changes.

Dr Ellen was a good teacher, organized, sensitive. I love the relaxation and breathing exercises she also taught. The other students at the class were very nice and I keep in touch with some of them.

My practice has definitely changed since I took the class.

Dr Paloma Defuentes ND.

Dr. Ellen Tart Jensen has brought so much more light and clarity to a very sought after skill. Iridology is one of the greatest modalities known to the natural health world. I chose to study Iridology under Dr. Ellen because of her work with  Dr. Bernard Jensen, a champion of the naturopathic movement and father of American Iridology. I can say with confidence that Dr. Ellen’s knowledge on the subject of iridology is unsurpassed and is reflected in her decades as a professor in many naturopathic universities and as Dr. Bernard Jensen’s chosen protege. I am most fortunate to have had the ability, in this lifetime, of learning from her and would recommend any seasoned health practitioner to learn from the greatest authority given to us on this subject. 

Michael Salas PhD RND BCN, Doctorate of Traditional Naturopathy Registered Naturopathic Diplomat Board Certified Naturopath

President of The California Naturopathic Association

I recently attended an Iridology course and loved every minute! Dr. Ellen was so professional and caring. I had never met her before but felt welcomed and could tell she cared about each student individually. She is a great teacher and made sure we understood the materials before moving on. I never felt rushed or pressured to keep up because she knew how to teach the materials to a variety of people. Since the class I have had to send in questions that have come up and she is wonderful in sending back a response to keep assisting me in my learning. I am so grateful to have gotten to know her and to be able to learn from the best!

Jennifer Asay

Cedar City, UT

Dr. Ellen Jensen is a personal colleague and friend of mine for over 25 years.   She was my Iridology teacher in CA and is simply the best at what she does. 
Dr. Jensen is a 1st Class Christian lady first and foremost.  She has helped thousands of people all over the world become healthier and more educated so they could make much better and wiser choices on their overall health.  She is a true Leader in the field of Natural Health and it is an Honor to call her my teacher in Iridology and to have learned from her. God has truly given her a gift that no one can touch.  What a Blessing she is to us all !
Dr. Jimmy Steger, N.D., Ph.D.,

DNM. World Leader in Naturopathy!, www.DrJimmySteger.com

Many years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen and her husband, Art, at a health convention. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and her refined, professional nature. Dr. Ellen is an incredible researcher and writer. Her contribution to the study of iridology has impacted the entire natural health field. I’m honored to call her a friend and colleague.

Julie Whitman Kline

President, Trinity School of Natural Health, 01/15/2024

Dr Ellen is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Her healing gifts are profound. She has been my mentor in iridology and natural health for 20 years. Her wisdom, real life healing experiences, and her passion for caring when there seems to be no hope are confirmations that Dr Ellen is committed to her clients, and students. I have been blessed beyond measure to have Dr Ellen in my life as teacher and dear friend.

Sheryl Strom


I had the privilege of working with Ellen over 30 years ago on Dr. Jensens ranch.  She was very dedicated to “the work” Dr Jensen was doing.  Ellen worked tirelessly taking eye pictures and co-authoring books.  She was so knowledgable on so many topics, I just loved talking to her as I was interested in Iridology and herbs.  I have worked many classes with her and am amazed at her enthusiasm and dedication in helping others.  Whether it’s in her class or as a client, she always gives her best to everyone.  Ellen is truly an angel on earth, I feel so blessed to know her and call her my friend.

Darla Lupton

01/24/ 2022

I heard of Dr. Ellen Jensen as Dr. Ellen Tart, before she married the love of her life Art Jensen.  Together they made a power couple, spreading love and good will throughout the natural health community.  Always ready to lend a hand, to speak, to teach, to organize and lead the International Iridology Practitioners Association, Ellen is our “go to” person.  She is loved and admired around the world and is my go to person when I have a naturopathic problem I can’t solve.  I use her book, “ Health is your Birthright”


Betty Sue O'Brian, N.D., MS, CII

www.southerninstituteofnaturalhealth.com, 01/23/2022

Several decades ago, I lived for a period of time at Bernard Jensen’s Hidden Valley Ranch in Escondido, California.  This is where I first met Ellen Tart—now my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen.  I’ve seen Ellen offer presentations at IIPA Symposia, been a guest at several of her classes, attended her wedding, answered her questions regarding Sclerology, met with her and her dear husband, the late Art Jensen, many times at their home, and had dinner with her.  In this whole process I’ve realized I’ve been in the presence of a highly sensitive and intelligent woman, a lady, a trusted friend, a true professional, a person of real honesty, integrity, and genuine humanity.  I love Ellen.

Many Blessings,


Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.)

GRAND MEDICINE, 01/23/2022

ELLEN’S Nutritional Consultations

We had a wonderful and amazing visit today from one of our patient’s, a natural medicine connoisseur. She had a session with Ellen in San Marcos, CA. It was life-changing! Thank you for your gift! It is wonderful to have this synergy in healing!

Dr. Jorge Moreno, DO

Jan 13, 2018, Center for Wellness

Dr. Ellen is a wise, loving, intuitive teacher that is full of wealthy knowledge!  I can literally sit at her feet for days. Weeks, months  and years etc.  Her reservoir is deep beyond comprehension.  I can’t say enough about her.  She gives selflessly to everyone.
She is A Dr/Teacher/counselor/mother to all that have the honor to meet her.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.   She has helped me and my family  in our health quest to becoming whole body soul and spirit.  She sees greatness in everyone.  I hear her all the time in my head!  Lol.  That is a wonderful thing!  I will forever be grateful to God for allowing our paths to cross and all that she has and is imparting  in my life.   I pray I can be as helpful to people as she has been to all that she has imparted her wisdom into. Thank you Dr. Ellen!


Christine Maxwell

Student Iridologist Hipprocrates Health Coach Transformational Life Coach, 01/23/2022

Thank you for all that you do. I am so grateful for all the help you’ve given me over the last few years. Words can’t express how thankful I am. You’ve given me my life back. You taught me how to take care of myself when everything I’ve tried has been exhausted. you’ve empowered me with options plus giving me hope. You’re truly a blessing in my life.  Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Prosperous New Year.



Dr. Ellen has shown me so much compassion over the last seven years when I found her due to an adverse reaction to an inoculation.  I had both sides of my Jaws Locked, extremely painful to talk, let alone eat until I started Dr. Ellens regime.
Ironically, this year the beginning of 2022, I began to experience the same discomfort on right side only, an achy jaw and acute gum infection, I found out.
I called my dentist, not knowing if it was an internal or structural problem but due to an illness, I was told to wait three weeks till dentist had time and in the meantime apply baking soda on gums, while waiting.  After applying the baking soda, my gums blead profusely and I desperately wrote Dr. Ellen about this problem. Dr. Ellen advised much differently and offered to see me within a week.
The last thing anyone wants is to be told wait in pain for the next appointment. Dr. Ellen understood I was having an acute problem that needed immediate attention!
Even now almost a week later, with all the prescribed remedies there is a slight jaw issue but there is no comparrison to the pain before.
Thank you Dr. Ellen for being attentive, compassionate, and patiently listening to me!!!
Claire Fricker-Marquez

Jan 24, 2022

Iridology as a tool to know your body systems while being provided avenues to take charge of one’s health, wellness, and personal healing is a most profound philosophy & practice greatly needed in our society today.

In my personal experience, I have become a lifelong student of natural holistic practices because of Iridology and Dr. Ellen Jensen’s lifestyle counseling. Fourteen years ago, my husband had an abnormal lymph node in his neck, and fast forward to now, after working diligently with Ellen, his body is free of any abnormal cells. I firmly believe in our body’s healing abilities and suggest anyone use Iridology to understand and empower themselves.

Erin Hunt

Jan 13, 2024



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