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Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D., D.Sc, CCII-3, Naturopath

Ellen Tart Jensen, PhD, DSc, CCII-3, Iridologist, Naturopath

Ellen Tart-Jensen, Ph.D

I am Ellen Tart Jensen, Certified Diplomate Iridologist and Iridology Instructor

Ellen has studied and worked in the field of iridology and natural healing for nearly 40 years. She is now an internationally recognized authority on iridology and “Whole-istic” health. Ellen’s e-books and educational courses in iridology, nutrition, and natural therapies are used by natural healing schools and students around the world. She is renowned for her work in Comprehensive Iridology™.   

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Dr Ellen is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Her healing gifts are profound. She has been my mentor in iridology and natural health for 20 years. Her wisdom, real life healing experiences, and her passion for caring when there seems to be no hope are confirmations that Dr. Ellen is committed to her clients, and students. I have been blessed beyond measure to have Dr Ellen in my life as teacher and dear friend.


Several decades ago, I lived for a period of time at Bernard Jensen’s Hidden Valley Ranch in Escondido, California. This is where I first met Ellen Tart—now my dear friend and colleague, Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen. I’ve seen Ellen offer presentations at IIPA Symposia, been a guest at several of her classes, attended her wedding, communicated with her over the Internet, answered her questions regarding Sclerology, met with her and her dear husband, the late Art Jensen, many times at their home, and had dinner with her. In this whole process I’ve realized I’ve been in the presence of a highly sensitive and intelligent woman, a lady, a trusted friend, a true professional, a person of real honesty, integrity, and genuine humanity. I love Ellen.

Leonard Mehlmauer, ND (ret.)

I can say with confidence that Dr. Ellen's knowledge on the subject of iridology is unsurpassed and is reflected in her decades as a professor in many naturopathic universities and as Dr. Bernard Jensen's chosen protege. I am most fortunate to have had the ability, in this lifetime, of learning from her and would recommend any seasoned health practitioner to learn from the greatest authority given to us on this subject.

Michael Salas PhD RND BCN

I took Dr Ellen’s first and second level of iridology in October 2021 for 5 days in California. I am a Naturopathic Physician practicing in Montana and have been a doctor for 43 years. The science she taught fits my practice perfectly. I happily bought the camera to take photos at my office and I am just starting to implement it.

Dr Paloma Defuentes ND.

My brother made an appointment for me with Dr. Jensen on July 2021. I decided to stop taking antidepressants and she helped me with the withdrawals. She suggested I take natural supplements. I was on them 20 years. I thought it was impossible to get off them. I've been off of them 3 years. It was very hard but I really thank her for helping me get through this not only as an irodoligist but as a friend. She is very patient,cares about the person and you can tell she loves her job. I'm glad I met her and I always recommend her to people or friends.

Tony Gutierrez


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