Iridology: The Science And Practice Vol. II


Written by Dr. Bernard Jensen. A complete text and reference work for the advanced student and those pursuing a career in iridology.


The Science and Practice of Iridology Volume II

This is an in depth iridology textbook written by Dr. Bernard Jensen and published in 1982. It contains iris photographs in color, illustrating iris analysis from his years of experience with thousands of patients during that time.  It contains iridology charts that he collected from all over the world that are quite historical.  It teaches the anatomy of the eye as an extension of the brain and how it was formed from an embryo.  This book explores all of the body systems, where to observe their reflex connections in the iris and provides the specific nutrients they need to be healthy.  There are lots of case studies with iris pictures, and tells how Dr. Jensen worked with each person to get well.  It includes his valuable knowledge of nutrition and herbal remedies.

– 600 Pages

Topics include:
– Fundamental Iris Markings
– Importance of the Pupil
– Four Stages of Tissue Activity
– Five Channels of Elimination
– Glands: Endocrine & Exocrine
– Nerve Tissues and Pathways
– How We Build a Disease
– Subclinical Manifestations
– Genealogy and Genetic Factors
– Drugs, Psora and Miamas
– Whole System for the Whole Man
– Glandular Functions and The Metabolic Process
– Abnormal Growth, Operations, Injuries, and Wounds
– Reflexology and Neurogenic Symptoms
– History of Iridology and Chart Development
– Homeopathic Concepts in Iridology
– Nine Body Systems and Their Relationship to Iridology
– Anatomy of the Eye
– Eye Color and Variations
– Hering’s Law of Cure
– Breathing & Respiratory System
– The Digestive System
– The Brain: Master Control Center
– Nerve Tissues and Pathways
– Tissue Cleansing
– Case Histories
– The Brain: The Human Computer
– Theory and Philosophy of Iridology

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