World Keys To Health And Long Life E-Book



World Keys To Health And Long Life E-Book has been compiled with one idea in mind: One picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe 10,000 words! Volumes and volumes could be written on variations of these Keys, and could be expanded ad infinitum; so we have coordinated thoughts that could help you in your search for a good life and a long one.

It is not enough to just have a good physical body with­out a balanced brain. There are faculties of the mind which must be fed and expressed. A person must be happy to be well and be well to be happy. When a man jumps for joy, he should have the body with which to jump. On the other hand, he cannot expect sweet thoughts with a sour stomach.

Our travels confirmed our teachings of living the natural life; and our teachings, in turn, were influenced by our travels. It was a joy to see these old people, living in balance with nature: eating the proper foods, living at the right altitude in a good climate, practicing the art of love and strong family ties, unaware that they held the Keys to good health and therefore to a long life.

All of life should be integrated-spiritual, mental and physical. The same ideas and ideals have come up again and again in my practice of the past 48 years, and we wel­come this opportunity to share them with you. Each country had something to contribute towards the prolongation of life and survival.


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