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You Can Master Disease E-book – Due to his extensive clinical experience, Dr. Bernard Jensen believes the skin should be considered a third kidney. You Can Master Disease: Lessons Dealing With Causes Of Disease And How They Can Be Prevented, By Bernard Jensen, Ph.D

He believes all four eliminative organs—intestines, lungs, kidneys, and skin—must be functioning normally in order to experience optimal health. If they are not, the liver will become congested and the bloodstream unclean, a clean bloodstream being a sound indicator of health and well-being. But if the skin is treated properly by allowing it to carry out normal eliminative functions, the result is improved functioning of the intestines and every other organ in the body. Dr. Bernard Jensen believes that death will result if a person loses more than a third of his skin.

This is based on his experience of a friend whose body was severely burned from the hips down. Although his friend appeared to be responding well to treatment, he ended up dying of uremic poisoning. As our environment and food supply become more toxic, our lives become more artificial and “out of touch” with nature.

One of the simplest ways to counteract the toxic effects of “civilization” is through the ritual care of our skin through daily skin brushing. Daily brushing from head to toe will do more to make the skin active and will remove more dirt and waste material than a bath or shower with soap and water. Brushing removes the loose surface layer of skin and cleanses the pores. The warmth experienced after skin brushing enables you to enjoy an “air bath” – spending a few minutes after brushing simply being naked.

Aside from the exceptional good health you will experience, you will also find that you will need less clothing in the day to be warm and fewer blankets at night.

You Can Master Disease E-book – Dr. Bernard Jensen has been a crusader in the field of preventive medicine for over 60 years. He maintains that right rights itself, and his nutritional foundation has been that all food must be natural, fresh, pure, and whole. His success demonstrates that this way of life– a higher path—earns superior health.



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