The Chemistry Of Man


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The Chemistry of Man by Bernard Jensen. To understand disease, we must first know the value and chemical content of our foods. Man molds to the food he eats and becomes prey to various diseases if he eats a faulty diet. The chemical composition of our diets greatly influences general well-being. This book discusses specific chemicals and their role in maintaining good health.

Topics include:
– Man, His Environment and the Elements
– Iridology, Nutrition and the Chemical Elements
– The Twenty Chemical Types of Man
– Fundamental Laws of Health
– Calcium, the “Knitter”
– Chlorine, The Cleanser
– Iodine, the Metabolizer
– Magnesium, the Relaxer
– Nitrogen, the Restrainer
– Phosphorous, the Light Bearer
– Silicon, the Magnetic Element
– Fluorine, the Decay-Resistant Element
– Food is More than Meets the Eye
– Soils, Mineral and Seeds
– Carbon, the Builder
– Hydrogen, the Moisturizer
– Iron, the Frisky Horse
– Manganese, the Love Element
– Oxygen, the Giver of Life
– Potassium, the Great Alkalizer
– Sodium, the Youth Element
– Sulphur, the Heating Element

Hardbound – 599 pages

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