E-Book- Nature Has A Remedy



Nature Has A Remedy E-Book, Bernard Jensen, Ph.D.  Dr. Bernard Jensen has traveled the world on a quest to learn how other cultures deal with illness. This update of one of his most popular and wide-ranging works compiles much of the knowledge he gleaned and includes a comprehensive overview of conditions affecting all of the bodily organs, as well as a wealth of information on dietary deficiencies, healthy circulation, herbs, tonics, and exercise.

Nature Has A Remedy E-Book, Dr. Jensen also offers you simple suggestions for everyday healing as well as advice for special diets that are designed to rejuvenate as well as heal. Despite the advances of modern medicine, people still need guidance on how best to lead a long, healthy, and productive life.

Nature Has A Remedy E-book is a remarkable book that can serve as your first step on the path to greater healing. – Paperback – 238 Pages

– How We Can Live a Long Life?
– Special Diet for Special People
– Learning from Other Countries
– Brain and Nerce Force
– The Catarrhal Runoff
– Natural Remedies
– Tonics, Remedies and Herbs
– Key to Self
– Building a Body
– Goat Milk
– an Ideal Food
– Herbs and Spices
– The Magic of Mind Power


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