Slender Me Naturally EBook


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Slender Me Naturally EBook points out the two major problems with most fat reducing diets. One, that most are frequently nutritionally unbalanced, and two, any weight loss is often quickly regained. Now you can learn how to diet the healthy, well-balanced way and lose weight without regaining it. Includes instruction for proper exercise and nutritional supplements.

204 Pages – Ebook

Are You an Obesity Statistic?
Why You Gain Weight? –
The Right Way to Count Calories
Exercise Keeps Us Trim
My Health & Harmony Food Regime
Tips on Staying at the Right Weight
Two Diet Plans for Losing Weight
How to Help Overweight Children

If you would like to lose weight and be fit and slender, this is the book for you!  Learn here the foods, nutrients, meal plans, and exercises that help the body improve thyroid function and metabolism, cleanse the liver that processes fats, cleanse the bowel that releases waste, and feel fantastic!


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