Master Feeding Program #6 From The Master Nutrition Set


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Master Feeding Program #6 From The Master Nutrition Set

Do you know why Dr. Bernard Jensen, who was 90 years of age, considered man an endangered species? There are several reasons for this thinking. The suppression philosophy of medical treatment is bringing out iatrogenic diseases that will give rise to diseases even more degenerative than those we have now. People are starving, sick and dying because of mineral-deficient foods, not enough sun, a lack of clean air and pure water to drink and unfertile or eroded soils. Man is endangered because he is not learning from his mistakes-not fast enough, anyway.

This book, and the series it goes with, are part of the answer- changing the planetary consciousness.

Master Feeding is an essential idea whose time has come, and Dr. Jensen was exactly the right author to bring it out.

No other nutritionist was as “in touch” with the latest nutritional research, internationally, and no other doctor was more committed to working in harmony with nature and natural healing than he was.

In his work in the healing art, Dr. Jensen had operated live-in sanitariums in San Leandro, Ben Lomand, Alltadena and Escondido, all in California. Over his years, his clientele became increasingly international, his approach increasingly global. Perhaps that’s why he has received numerous awards and honors throughout the world.


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