Breathe Again Naturally



Breathe Again Naturally by Bernard Jensen, DC, PhD, ND

– Paperback
-128 pages

Learn how to correct symptoms of asthma, allergies, hay fever, and other respiratory problems. Suggestions for helpful herbs, food supplements, breathing exercises, nutrition, climate, and altitude improvements. Rid the body of the causes of constant colds, bronchial trouble, coughing, and catarrh in the elimination channels.

Topics include:

– Contributing Causes
– Fatigue
– Herbal Remedies and Diet
– Posture and Breathing
– Emotions and Attitudes
– The Reversal Process
– Detoxification and Tissue Cleansing
– Respiratory Problems and the Iris
– Respiratory Conditions and Symptoms
– Genetic Factors, Inherent Weaknesses, and Allergies

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