E-Book- Juicing Therapy



Juicing Therapy E-Book Bernard Jensen Ph.D. “Juices are a wonderful source of nutrients that we all need to take advantage of to reach the highest level of health and well-being.” — Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Juices are the fastest method Dr. Jensen knows for getting nutrients in easily digested and assimilated form into the blood. He believes in the health benefits of fresh juice. They have the biochemicals needed for tissue repair. This book is full of wonderful ideas about juicing. Enjoy it and use it with wisdom.

Topics Include:

– A Doctor Views Juice Therapy
– Some Facts about juices
– Vitamins and Minerals in Juices
– Children and Juices
– Green Juice and Degenerative Diseases
– Health Drinks for Specific Questions

– 134 Pages

What’s in this Juicing Therapy E-Book

  • Nutritional wisdom that can save your life!
  • Case histories of people healed after using juice therapy
  • Wonderful juice combination recipes
  • Special section on liquefied foods
  • Delicious, health-building blender recipes
  • Supplements to add to blender drinks
  • How nature heals body organs and systems
  • Why we must treat the patient, not the disease
  • The chemical story you need to know
  • Juices for babies and children
  • Soups from juices and blender combinations
  • Herbs and green drinks
  • Wonderful salad dressings
  • Best veggies and fruits to use
  • Vitamins and minerals and where to find them
  • Special “Analytical Food Guide” chart.


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