Garlic Healing Powers Ebook


Garlic Healing Powers,  by Bernard Jensen, DC, Ph.D., ND,  Dr. Jensen believed that garlic is one of the most valuable healing foods in nature’s garden.


Garlic Healing Powers Ebook,  by Bernard Jensen, DC, Ph.D., NDDr. Jensen believed that garlic is one of the most valuable healing foods in nature’s garden.

Garlic has proven to be a great natural antibiotic, a great blood purifier, an antihypertensive remedy, an anti-inflammatory, and great in helping lower cholesterol. It is an anti-yeast remedy; great for cardiovascular disturbances; a great vermifuge, and anti-rheumatic factors are also contained in this wonderful herb. In fact, there are over 200 factors recognized in garlic for the use of man in his different ailments. Is garlic recognized for its health value? Jane Brody of the New York Times mentioned garlic and its odorless extract Kyolic in one of her articles. An estimated two million Europeans use garlic extracts daily, including an odorless extract called Kwai. Six tablets are the equivalent of one clove of raw garlic. Yet, until people learn to value and use such wonderful, natural protection from disease in garlic and its extracts, diseases in epidemic proportions will continue to take their toll.

Garlic Healing Powers Ebook contains valuable information on how garlic plays such an important role as a member of the herbal kingdom. It includes garlic research, updates, and uses, as well as garlic recipes and other ways to enjoy garlic.

Topics include:

  • The Healing Power of Garlic
  • Sulfur, the Great Purifier
  • Growing your Own Garlic
  • Garlic and the Immune System
  • Grow Your Own Garlic
  • Garlic Recipes

EBook – 88 pages

Health Handbook #8


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