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Body System Chart – There are actually 12 major organ systems in the human body. 10 x 15 Unlamented.  Each of these systems plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health and function of the human body, and they often work together to ensure the body’s homeostasis. The Body System Chart covers:

  1. Nervous System: Responsible for transmitting and processing information, controlling voluntary and involuntary actions, sensory perception, and cognition.
  2. Circulatory System (Cardiovascular System): Transports blood, oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells and removes waste products.
  3. Respiratory System: Allows the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the body and the environment.
  4. Digestive System: This breaks down food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body and eliminates waste.
  5. Endocrine System: Regulates the body’s hormones, controlling various physiological processes, including metabolism, growth, and reproduction.
  6. Immune System: Defends the body against pathogens, infections, and foreign substances.
  7. Muscular System: Provides support and enables movement through the contraction of muscles.
  8. Skeletal System: Provides structural support and protection for the body’s internal organs.
  9. Urinary System: Regulates fluid balance, filters waste products from the blood, and excretes them in the form of urine.
  10. Integumentary System: Comprises the skin, hair, and nails, providing protection and regulating body temperature.
  11. Reproductive System: Responsible for reproduction and the continuation of the species.
  12. Glandular System: Each of the glands within this system can have a wide range of functions, including regulating metabolism, controlling growth and development, aiding digestion, and maintaining homeostasis.

Dr. Bernard Jensen offers support for each of these systems in The Body System Chart.

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