You Can Feel Wonderful Enjoy It Now E-Book



Bernard Jensen’s 1956 book, “You Can Feel Wonderful – Enjoy It Now,” reflects his enduring fascination with people and their intricate lives. Drawing on a wealth of experiences from extensive travels and counseling sessions, Jensen expresses a genuine interest in understanding how individuals function, interact, and respond to their surroundings. In this exploration, he shares valuable conclusions derived from a diverse array of encounters, offering readers a unique perspective on the human experience.

Acknowledging the potential presumptuousness of discussing others’ problems.  He recognize the vast array of personal challenges, Jensen asserts that, despite individual differences, everyone grapples with fundamental issues. He introduces a philosophy rooted in finding the harmony within life. This intending to share his guiding principles with readers who may feel overwhelmed by their own circumstances.

Jensen’s journey as an ardent student of problem psychology and human philosophy led him to develop a plan for a harmonious way of life. The book unfolds as he delves into the interconnected nature of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. He emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing each facet.  Then Jensen proposes a holistic living program that considers the inseparable relationship between these aspects.

The narrative continues with practical advice on structuring one’s life akin to a well-maintained house. Jensen explores the metaphorical rooms of the house, including the kitchen, living room, den for business matters, and a room for meditation. Each section represents an essential component of life, requiring attention and care. Jensen stresses the need for balance and comprehensive self-care, touching on the importance of physical health, mental peace, and spiritual growth.

The book’s core message revolves around the concept that a house built on love and responsibility becomes a sanctuary for happiness. Jensen encourages readers to envision an ideal home—physically, mentally, and spiritually—and provides guidance on achieving such a state. “You Can Feel Wonderful – Enjoy It Now” stands as a comprehensive guide to embracing a balanced and fulfilling life, resonating with Jensen’s vision of holistic well-being and the pursuit of happiness.

Feeling wonderful is something that we all can and should strive for through how we eat, drink, think, and live.  These were Dr. Jensen’s words and many have lost their way on how to feel wonderful.  Here Dr. Jensen will tell you how.


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