Whole Body Cleansing Through Bowel Management Seminar – DVD Set



Whole Body Cleansing Through Bowel Management Seminar
Set includes:
*6- Part DVDs
*CD-ROM Power Point Presentation with 252 Slides
*Classroom Workbook

Filmed during Dr. Ellen Jensen’s 2-day Whole Body Cleanse Seminar. These tapes are filled with valuable cleansing instruction. In this course you will learn:

· The difference between a fast and a cleanse/which is better and why
· Who needs to cleanse?
· Where do toxins come from?
· The miraculous healing benefits of cleansing with case study examples
· Leaky Gut Syndrome
· When to cleanse and how to determine the length of the cleanse
· How to prepare for a cleanse including foods to eat and avoid
· Various cleansing methods including:
· Juices, water, herbal teas, nutrients necessary during cleanse
· Specific herbal remedies based on a person’s needs
· Cleansing mucus from the body
· Kidney/Bladder Cleansing
· Liver Cleansing
· Parasite Cleansing
· Colon Cleansing
· Demonstrations and complete details of how to use a Cleansing Board and enema bucket
· The importance of colon implants
· Nutrients that should go in an implant
· How to take an implant
· Care of the body, mind and spirit during a cleanse/family support
· Completing the cleanse, what to eat, nutrients to take.
· Questions and answer sessions
· Amazing case studies of people that improved their health and changed their lives with cleansing

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