The Simplified Guide to Iridology E-Book


This convenient guide will swiftly acquaint you with the fundamentals of Iridology. Ideal for both aspiring Iridologists and practitioners in alternative health, it is also well-suited for anyone intrigued by the study of Iridology.


The Simplified Guide to Iridology E-Book, a Basic Introduction to Comprehensive Iridology™. Discover the amazing wealth of information found within your eyes.

Have you ever had the opportunity to closely examine the kaleidoscope of patterns and markings in your eyes?

Whether you have brown, blue, hazel, or green eyes, it may appear that these colors and markings are randomly occurring patterns, but what if these patterns are actually a genetically coded map? What if this map could reveal a wealth of information about your physical health and personality? If this sounds a bit like fiction, then you’re in for a real eye-opening discovery.

Iridology is the scientific method of analyzing the iris of the eye, and when used properly, it can become an indispensable means of assessing the health of the human body.

Within these pages, “The Simplified Guide to Iridology E-Book,” world-renowned Iridologist and professor Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen unveils the fascinating realm of information hidden within your own eyes!

Inside this fully up-to-date introductory book, you’ll discover:

  • What your eyes may reveal about the inherent strength of all your body’s systems
  • How to understand each of the seven “iris zones” in order to determine the location of organs, glands, and tissues within your body as indicated through the Iridology chart system
  • How the information that your body has, “encoded”, in your irises can help determine your unique lifestyle needs
  • What specific markings may reveal about your personality type
  • How to identify health positives and negatives using easy-to-follow strategies and techniques
  • How to spot potential health concerns before they become major problems
  • How to get to the real bottom of what is bothering you
  • How to get a much clearer picture of your health simply by studying your eyes
  • Complete explanations of common Iridology terms and techniques so that you fully understand the entire process
  • What every aspiring Iridologist must know to successfully practice this science – whether on themselves or on others
  • Complete blueprints for how to study the eye to determine health
  • Step-by-step, easy-to-understand methods for identifying iris markings and using iris zone charts
  • Plus, much more!

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen’sThe Simplified Guide to Iridology E-book” is a fully up-to-date introductory book on the subject of iridology and is great for anyone interested in learning the basics of this empowering, analytical tool.

What do your eyes tell you about your physical and emotional health?

To find out, claim your copy of “The Simplified Guide to Iridology” and add it to your cart now.