Natural Therapies For You & Your Family Notebook & CD-ROM PPP



Natural Health for You and Your Family.
With this course comes an explanatory workbook and colorful power point CD that is easy to view on your computer.  The CD contains 189 informative slides with beautiful pictures of each part of the body and foods and herbs that help to nourish those body parts.  This set covers the following and much more:
  • How our bodies are made of the natural elements from the earth and how natural foods filled with these same elements help to heal us.
  • The meaning of health and illness.
  • How to observe the body and understand signs or “body language” that reveals imbalances in specific organs or body systems.  For example, a swelling in the throat or fungus on the toes can mean a thyroid disturbance.  Clubbed fingernails or a crease in the earlobe relate to the heart.
  • Important nutrients which are necessary for human life and the health of specific organs and body systems.
  • Foods and herbs that balance the body and provide health as well as foods that do not.
  • Natural therapies for every body system.  Every system of the body is shown and discussed showing problems that can go wrong and what to do to bring them to health naturally.  For example, osteoporosis can be reversed with natural nutrients and exercise.  Menstrual pain can be reversed with natural nutrients and exercise.
  • How to prepare herbal teas and their therapeutic benefits. Healing baths for various ailments and facial exercises that relieve headaches.
  • Facial masks, hair rinses, scalp treatments, mouthwashes, toothpastes, and poultices that help gum infections.  Gargles and cough syrups for sore throats.
  • Poultices that relieve chronic lung congestion, varicose veins, sprains, bruises, bedsores, boils, blisters, burns, warts, and moles.
  • What to do for a snake, spider, or insect bite.
  • How to make salves for rashes, psoriasis, burns.
  • How to prepare eyewashes and eye poultices.
  • Douches, inserts, suppositories for relief of yeast infections.
  • How to pull heavy metals and mercury from the system.
  • Natural remedies for ailments from A-Z.
  • How to test the pH of the body.
This is a GREAT course for mothers, fathers, or instructors that would like to teach this material.  If you are a parent, teacher, natural practitioner, or just want to learn how to better take care of your own health, this course is for you!  You will find yourself returning to this valuable collection of natural therapies over and over again.  It was with my sincere love for all of the families I have worked with for over 30 years, coupled with my experience and training from Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Ernst Bauer in Switzerland that I put this program together to benefit you.  These therapies will arm you with the tools you need to help yourself better know what foods nourish which body parts.  So if an area of the body is breaking down, you will know which foods to eat to help it to heal.  You will learn which foods to avoid and replace with.  You will learn how to prevent sickness and learn some tried and true natural remedies that may be most helpful if you do have a concern.  Most of all, this course will empower you with knowledge of how to take care of yourself and your family!

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