3 DVD’s – Journey Into Color, An Enchanted Evening In Color, & Nature Has A Remedy


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Journey into Color
Tour Dr. Jensen’s Hidden Valley Health Ranch when it was operating at full capacity. This video shows the grounds as they were covered with blossoming flowers. Explains the therapeutic influence of color on health.

An Enchanted Evening in Color
Color is found to be a food to some people and can stimulate a person to a better lifestyle. Color, also is very much a part of our environment today. We think and visualize in color. With color we can relax and awaken our viewpoint from a “Blue Monday” to being right “In the Pink.” Understanding color allows us to live in the aura of even more color in our everyday living. Dr. Jensen’s color DVD will expose you to his philosophy that will contribute to a more relaxed life. This is a magnificent video of Dr. Jensen teaching all the colors, their meanings in our lives for lifting our spirits for healing, and their vibrational frequencies. Take a walk with Dr. Jensen through his beautiful flower garden, hear him talk and tell the beautiful meanings of our colors that grace our world.

Nature Has a Remedy 
Dr. Jensen has developed an organized system of living that improves the quality of health. Discusses food laws for good health and longevity secrets learned in the Hunza Valley, home of some of the world’s oldest living people.

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