Health Is Your Birthright



HEALTH IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT is a roadmap for those looking to take charge of their ailments or at least lead a more balanced, vibrant lifestyle. It is filled with a wealth of tips on nutrition, therapeutic teas, exercise, cleanses, and more.

Health Is Your Birthright – Suffering scoliosis and chronic pain, fatigue, and depression due to a back injury, Ellen Tart-Jensen became determined to take charge of her life. She began researching natural health care and discovered that by listening to one’s body and following nature’s simple laws, health is attainable for everyone, herself included. Now a nutritional consultant and certified iridologist, she’s at her absolute healthiest and travels the world coaching others in self-care.

Book Excerpts from “Health Is Your Birthright – How To Create The Health You Deserve”

The nutritional plan I offer here has helped hundreds of people drop excess pounds, maintain their normal weight, feel energetic, and heal a majority of the health problems they were experiencing. Thin people have gained weight, and specific programs have helped people heal specific problems.

Stevia is the best sweetener for someone who is watching his weight or has diabetes or hypoglycemia. Stevia is a sweet, noncaloric herb native to Paraguay that has been used to sweeten foods and beverages for centuries. It is two to three hundred times sweeter than sugar but has very little effect on blood glucose and does not cause cavities.

Most Americans are over acidic because their diet includes processed foods and too much meat, sugar, salt, caffeine, and alcohol. An overacid environment can lead to serious health conditions. Some of these include kidney stones, plaque in the arteries, osteoporosis, arthritis, fatigue, weight gain, water retention, dry, hard stools, burning tongue, and bad breath. We must have sufficient alkaline reserves to buffer the acids in our body. Calcium cannot stay in our bones if the body is over acidic. In Chapter 1, learn about what to eat and drink to bring the pH into balance if your body is over acidic.

Soft drinks are addictive and very harmful to the body. One canned soft drink contains thirteen teaspoons of sugar. Some diet drinks are even more toxic because they contain aspartame – a serious poison! Beware of those sweetened with Splenda as well. Most soft drinks are high in caffeine and can cause heart palpitations. Many of our youth in high school and on college campuses are seriously addicted to soft drinks, and they are beginning to rot their teeth and destroy their pancreases at a young age! Learn to prepare some delightful, healthy drinks to replace soft drinks in Chapter 2.

Whatever your health problem, there are many tools you can use to get well. Easy reference ‘toolkits’ have been provided to help you enhance your daily nutrition with beneficial foods and beverages, add healthy exercises and healing therapies to your life, learn about natural home remedies, understand the value of food supplements, and cleanse the body from within.

by Ellen Tart-Jensen
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