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One thing Dr Bernard Jensen  have discovered in life is that you give out vibrations and a certain feeling. People respond to these vibrations. If you ask people how they feel or what they are doing, they always pick out the negative things. They tell you they don’t feel well or detail their family problems. The first thing you know, they’re sharing their headache. So now you both have a headache. What kind of a mess is this we have in life? Don’t invite problems.

Like attracts like. What you give out comes back to you magnified by ten. You have to establish the world you are going to live in. If you don’t establish a world within yourself, you are going to go around saying, ‘Tm sick, I’m sick, I’m sick.” Pretty soon you are going to look, feel and be sick.

What you are reading now concerns the Master Feeding Program. You have to add foods to the spirit sometimes; did you know that? We have to have inspiration as food for our minds and the spirit within. There are foods for the mind, which we will get to, but I want to talk about the higher and better things first. We must reach for the higher and better things; you are all reaching for the higher things, aren’t you? If I gave you a choice between a poison pickle and a ripe apricot, which would you eat? You decide within yourself which is better. The great law I want to share with you is that we feel from within out.

Dr. Bernard Jensen was a master with nutrition.  He understood and knew the foods that would heal each part of the body. In this E-Book, Dr. Jensen teaches a master feeding program and provided recipes and meal plans to help your whole family to lead a healthy life.


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