A Hunza Trip – The Wheel of Health



A Hunza Trip – The Wheel of Health – The finest book ever written about the longevity and health secrets of the amazing Hunza people of Pakistan. Additional chapters by Dr. Bernard Jensen.

My trip to the Hunza Valley moved me to have this book reprinted so that it would again be available to the world. It was the inspiration for my visit to the Hunza Valley and for beginning my work with people from a dietetic and nutritional standpoint.
I know that nutrition is one of the greatest arts in the healing profession. I do not understand why it has not been taken more seriously and taught more extensively in colleges and medical schools.

I hold a firm belief in the significant role that nutrition plays in our lives. It allows us to appreciate the invaluable benefits of fruits, berries, nuts, and other foods, positively affecting our overall well-being. These nutrient-rich foods help build our strength, aid in nerve repair and decrease the acidity in our bodies that causes irritation. I firmly adhere to the advice of Hippocrates, who wisely stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This notion holds a special place in my heart.

– 148 pages
– Paperback

A Hunza Trip – The Wheel of Health topics include

– The Hunza People
– Continuity and Heredity
– Whole Diet Experiments
– Causation of Disease
– Hunza Food and Its Civilization

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