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Techniques in Iris Analysis Iridology Level 1 and 2 Seminar – 6 Days – In Person

Monday, July 8th, 2024- Saturday, July 13th, 2024
Monday Check-In 9:00 am -9:40 am. The class is from 9:45 am – 5:00 pm,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday Class is from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

IIPA membership and certification examination

Then you’ll request an application for the IIPA membership and certification examination

Ellen Jensen Iridology

The certification exam is a three-part exam, which Ellen will mentor you on after you have applied for IIPA Certification.

*After finishing the Techniques in Iris Analysis course, you will need to contact the International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA) either through their website at or by sending an email to Let them know that you have successfully completed the course by Ellen Tart-Jensen and that you want to become certified. You will then need to request an application for IIPA membership and certification examination. The student membership costs $65, and the application fee is $200. Once you have applied for IIPA Certification, Ellen will mentor you on the three-part certification exam.

Here Are the Parts of the Exam:

Exam Part I: 

Email Ellen Jensen at and tell her you have registered with IIPA for Student Membership and for the Examination. She will then email you the Iris Evaluation Form. On this form, you will analyze 10 people’s eyes. Then, you will email the analysis back to her to be graded. 

Exam Part II:

After you pass exam part one, your instructor, Ellen Jensen, will email you a case study of one person’s eyes, which you will analyze and send back to her to be graded. You will be notified if you have passed the exam, and then you will move to part three to request the final portion.

Exam Part III:

Once you have passed exam part two, then IIPA will email its final written exam. You will then need to take and pass the final written exam. The exam is open book and, when completed, should be emailed back to IIPA for grading. You are allowed to use our course textbook and chart for the exam.

Anatomy and Physiology Course:

Every student is required to take a college-level Anatomy and Physiology Course. If you have already completed the course, you just need to submit your transcript to IIPA. However, if you have not taken the course yet, you can either enroll in a local community college or check the IIPA website for a list of approved Anatomy and Physiology courses from reputable distance learning colleges.


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